The season ahead...

 Hello and Happy New Year to you all.

Just a quick thank you to all of you who visited us over the past year, we had some great weather this summer and it was a good year, so thanks everyone.

Now we are closed for the very quiet winter season but are working hard behind the scenes to make 2014 an even better year for our customers. We cant do anything about the weather but we can try and improve our service and that is exactly what we are going to be doing. Summer is an obvious choke point for getting food quickly and not just any food, great food quickly. We are taking steps to improve wait times through  the busiest months for Shop orders, collections and deliveries.

One of those steps is investing in a brand new oven for the 2014 season. 

Another step is to be open again during the day time. Last season was a difficult one as our oldest son was receiving intensive chemotherapy and we just couldn't commit to opening so now he is on maintenance we want to again offer our great food to you fabulous people during the day again.

Rest assured we are always thinking of ways to improve and love hearing from you for and ideas you think would help.

You can contact us many ways so please send your ideas our way, we may not reply to them all but we do read them all and appreciate all feedback sent.

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 Bring on summer!

 Bring on summer!

 See you all soon.

Rohan MolligodaComment