Yah! Pizza time again.

Hello everybody, if feels like forever but we are open and looking forward to seeing your lovely faces again.

Quick notes you might be interested in...

  • Easter is hear and we are giving every pizza order a 10% discount card!
  • We have Coffee! 
  • We have Thick Shakes!
  • We have a fresh new shop counter!
  • We take card payments in store!

Your 10% card is going to get you a discount for the whole of April 2015!

Havana Coffee a great local company have supplied us with a fabulous fresh coffee bean to cup machine, which means you and get great tasting hot drinks from us now!

Americano - Cappuccino - Mocha - Latte - Hot Chocolate - Tea

Shmoo Thick Shakes!  A super thick and tasty shake with cream and toppings! Wow lets hope the staff haven't had them all before you get a chance to try them...

Super fresh looking new counter and slick POS with integrated card payment will hopefully help make your experience better and faster.

Excited for 2015!

Rohan MolligodaComment