Review us please.

Hay guys if you happened to visit us over the easter holidays we would love a trip advisor review.
All and any feedback welcome, just head over to our website and hit review.

Thank you. X

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Yah! Pizza time again.

Hello everybody, if feels like forever but we are open and looking forward to seeing your lovely faces again.

Quick notes you might be interested in...

  • Easter is hear and we are giving every pizza order a 10% discount card!
  • We have Coffee! 
  • We have Thick Shakes!
  • We have a fresh new shop counter!
  • We take card payments in store!

Your 10% card is going to get you a discount for the whole of April 2015!

Havana Coffee a great local company have supplied us with a fabulous fresh coffee bean to cup machine, which means you and get great tasting hot drinks from us now!

Americano - Cappuccino - Mocha - Latte - Hot Chocolate - Tea

Shmoo Thick Shakes!  A super thick and tasty shake with cream and toppings! Wow lets hope the staff haven't had them all before you get a chance to try them...

Super fresh looking new counter and slick POS with integrated card payment will hopefully help make your experience better and faster.

Excited for 2015!

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Winter Blues...

Hi all

Just wanted to update you on what we have been doing since we closed for the winter. The first big job was a new floor, I know its not exactly exciting but it was in need of doing so this gave us an opportunity to change a few things, mainly the look and feel of the interior of the premises.

Our new floor is going to be a light blue which we hope will brighten up the look and with that we are also sanding and repainting our lovely wooden counter and seating bench. Again to give the look and feel of summer we are going to be using some beautiful Annie Sloan pastel colors to give a bright and breezy feel.

No real winter blues hear except for the great colors coming in!

I hope to have more updates and pictures as the work happens! 

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